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Help UA Future Charity
to make miracles come true

We support Ukrainian citizens since 2014. After the 24th of February 2022, we began to provide humanitarian aid to people living near and in the war zones. Together with our international partners we deliver food, medical equipment and a wide variety of other humanitarian help to civilians affected by the war.

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Over 30 tons

We successfully delivered supplies to Ukrainian citizens living in villages near the war zone. We will continue to do so as this is our main mission.

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Supporting children

UA Future supports orphanages in Vinnitsya and in Dnipro. We also supply medical equipment and medicines for children with special needs and disabilities.

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How to support

We would appreciate any support of our campaign and mission. You can rest assured that your donations will help exactly those in real need.

Please see above a map of all regions we have reached with humanitarian aid provided by UA Future and its partners as PAH, Stowarzyszenie TRATWA, Stowarzyszenie Służb Antyterrorystycznych Izer, Medical University of Wrocław, Fundacja Potrafię Pomóc, Fundacja Banici Zamoyscy, Biblioteka Śląska in Katowice, #MedicsTogether and many others. We would like to also thank to hundreds of our supporters for their valuable contributions.

Who do we support?

UA Future has been providing humanitarian aid and support in Ukraine from the beginning of March 2022. We support mostly emergency services, hospitals and civilians that live in war zones near Donieck, Mariupol, Sumy, Kharkiv, Odesa, and in many other unnamed villages. Our main mission is to deliver humanitarian aid by hand-to-hand transfer to make sure that aid reaches those in need.

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Villages near Kiev. April 2022.
UA Future provides humanitarian aid together with our partners from TAPS in Dnipro.

Our Partners

Since the 24th of February 2022 we met thousands of open-heart people from all around the world. We supported each other in small and very dangerous missions. We are able to work near the front line thanks to support of official Ukrainian Authorities and also of Polish NGOs as PAH, TRATWA, Izer and Fundacja Potrafię Pomóc, #MedicsTogether from UK, Ukraina Pomagamy – Zbiórka Medyczna and many other institutions and individuals. Together we are strong! Thank You all for making miracles come true!

Check some of our work

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Barvinkove, 9 of May 2022. Together with Спільнота активної молоді.
Village on the north of Mariupol, 5 of June 2022.
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„We fully support work of UA Future Charity. From March 2022 we have been providing humanitarian aid to Ukrainian civilians together with UA Future. We also supplied aid to several orphanages”.

Stowarzyszenie Służb Antyterrorystycznych Izer, Warsaw

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“Thanks to UA Future Charity we could provide medical support for medics and hospitals in Ukraine.”

prof. Tomasz Zatoński, Medical University in Wroclaw

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“Polish Humanitarian Action verified Fundacja Przyszłość dla Ukrainy UA Future and decided to support your work.”

Grzegorz Gruca, PAH

Let’s help together

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EUR – PL 60 1140 2004 0000 3812 1572 0940
JPY – PL 03 1140 2004 0000 3112 1572 0951