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About UA Future

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Our Story

Most of us have supported Ukraine since 2014. From Maidan Uprising until now.

When new aggression came again in 2022 with massive power, we didn’t wait for long. From the first days, we deliver humanitarian aid, evacuate refugees and also report and document acts of war in Ukraine. We are focused on long-distance, international support for the Ukrainian people, culture and history in Europe.

Our value is to support victims of the war directly

We document all humanitarian aid that we transport together with our partners. We take care to provide it hand-to-hand and only to verified hospitals, doctors, NGOs, and legal authorities but mostly to the individual citizens of Ukraine. Many of our successful missions you can follow on our official Facebook profile.

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Beginning of March 2022. On pic. Piotr Aplinarski (left) and Piotr Kaszuwara (right).
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Support for civilians

We successfully delivered supplies to Ukrainian citizens living in villages near the war zone. We will continue to do so as this is our main mission.

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Supporting children

UA Future supports orphanages in Vinnitsya and in Dnipro. We also supply medical equipment and medicines for children with special needs and disabilities.

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How to support

We would appreciate any support of our campaign and mission. You can rest assured that your donations will help exactly those in real need.

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Piotr Kaszuwara

CEO, Founder

Jacek Cielecki

Vice CEO

dr Wiktoria Malicka

Foundation Council

dr Kamil Dworaczek

Foundation Council

dr Dariusz Dąbrowski

Foundation Council

Radosław Wiśniewski

Foundation Council

Seweryn Botor


Wojciech Dyrkacz

Volunteer and driver

Dominika Węcławek

Volunteer, boss of cars

prof. IM PAN dr hab. Masha Vlasenko

Medical support

Maximilian Wodarczyk

Volunteer and driver

Piotr Apolinarski


Grzesiek Czerniawski

Logistic manager and volunteer

Anonymous volunteer


Dmytro Antoniuk

Media support