Most of us have supported Ukraine since 2014. From Maidan Uprising until now.

Since the start of the Russian invasion in February of 2022, UA Future has successfully delivered more than 1000 tons of non-perishable foods, medical supplies, and other humanitarian supplies directly to Ukrainian civilians unable to evacuate from the front lines in the war zone. Our focus on delivering the necessities to sustain life and ensure a future for Ukraine will remain our primary mission.


Touching hands of the victims of the war directly

UA Future supports orphanages in Yazlovietz and Kramatorsk, supplying clothing, food, toys, and medical needs for children orphaned by the war, and for those with special needs and serious disabilities. In the winter of 2022, founder Piotr Kaszuwara led a special mission to deliver more than 600 wrapped presents to children at the front line, ensuring those children a bright Christmas despite the ongoing war. UA Future is registered as a recognized, audited charity in a few countries. Poland, as Fundacja Przyszłość dla Ukrainy UA Future, Ukraine, as Майбутнє Для України Юа Фьюче, and is now registered as a fully accredited 501 c3 charity in the United States of America, as a “UA Future US”. U.S.-based donors will soon be able to visit our US page, where we are able to accept tax-deductible donations directly.

Doc: “God hears us”

War in Ukraine lasts for over 500 days. Day by day and hour by hour more and more people are dying and suffering. The amount of war emigrants is higher and higher. Many cities in Ukraine don’t exist anymore and some of them we will only remember as a point on the map. Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Orihiv, Hulajpole, and many other towns or villages in Eastern and South Ukraine are fully destroyed.

This is Avdiivka (doc)

Avdiivka is destroyed by almost 100 percent. The 1500 people who stayed, live in the cellars. Their lives are threatened by artillery, tanks, or due to street fights. The Russians surrounded Avdiivka from three sides. — Some people say welcome to hell when they come here. Avdiivka is our fortress. The city that is fighting the longest in this war. A place where the dead envy the living.


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